G – Tuesday 28th July 2015 – “Hiegh Hoooo!”

Current Arm Status: In a LOT less pain. As for the swelling…I have to be honest, I’m now at the point where I can’t actually remember what my arms looked like originally so I’ve no idea if the swelling’s gone down. They feel a lot less tense and rock solid than yesterday so I’m happy with how they’re healing.

[UPDATE: they are STILL swollen – I look like I have fat arms!! 😦 They better be down by the wedding, I do NOT want to be immortalised as a bridesmaid with fat arms when actually my arms are nice!!]

I love breakfast here – meat, cheese, veggies, toast – it is yummy! πŸ™‚ I highly approve of a cheese and ham toastie for breakfast.

So far today, I have walked on a glacier hundreds of years old, sailed on a glacial lagoon ~ 80 years old, and eaten ice that’s thousands of years old – EPIC!! πŸ˜€ It’s been amazing! Our first stop was the boat ride on the lagoon – the glacier had almost reached the sea back in the 1930s before it started to retreat. If it had reached the sea it would have created a bay and there wouldn’t be a ring road around Iceland, so thankfully that didn’t happen! The lagoon is STUNNING and the icebergs look like blue slushies. It was fascinating to see all the different textures and colours.

Lagoon LagoonG & AJ

You can't tell but that thing was practically burning my hand it was so cold!
You can’t tell but that thing was practically burning my hand it was so cold!

[FUN FACT: The icebergs looks blue because the ice is so compressed that it’s pure water and there’s no oxygen present, so it’s actually completely transparent. Water absorbs all the colours of the spectrum except for blue which is reflects. Once oxygen is present it reflects all the colours and so looks white!]

After that we got to stop off across the road and head to the iceberg beach – a beach full of black sand, covered in mini icebergs – AMAZING! (did I mention I love the beaches here?) It was definitely the place to get creative with the camera and try out all sorts of crazy things like lying in the sand! AJ and I found sparkly rocks to take as mementos πŸ™‚

IMG_0367 IMG_0339 IMG_0357 IMG_0343 IMG_0356

Speaking of mementos, we found our perfect patches! They’re fab – I got one with a cute puffin on it (National Bird of Iceland) and AJ got one with these really cool celticy designs on it in pretty colours.

Next was the glacier hike – we were ROCKING the glacier-chic look with our helmets, crampons and ice picks (there are many photos as proof!). Walking in crampons is weird, like you’re practically vertical going up/down, but your feet are SOLIDLY in the ice, it’s fab! The glacier is stunning, so much more so up close and personal than from afar. AJ investigated many a hole with her icepick/poking device, while IΒ channelled the 1950s for my poses.

Feeling ready to get on that glacier!
Feeling ready to get on that glacier!
On top of the glacier
On top of the glacier

G & AJ

Just act natural...
Just act natural…


I'm a woman on the edge!
I’m a woman on the edge!

The ground felt super soft walking back to the bus after taking off the crampons. It’s so weird/awesome to think that we were walking on a naturally moving object, like a river of ice, and to see the rocks and stones deposited by it as it had moved. There were a few precariously perched on smaller rocks and some that looked like they would shatter into a million pieces if they were touched.

Lunch was very well deserved and eaten in RECORD time as both AJ and I were STARVING. The lamb burger was delicious and followed by some Icelandic snacks to try out on the way home. I had to hold in my laughter when one of the Chinese women asked if the burgers were beef or lamb and the cafe lady laughed and said “Honey, this is Iceland, of course it’s lamb.”

So now we’re back on the bus with a 4/5 hour drive to Reykjavik ahead of us (where we have planned to potentially eat our body weight in hotdogs tonight), with a few stops along the way promised.


Going Puffin Watching


Managed to see two…from afar on a cliff, but you can tell what it is from the photos. So awesome!! πŸ˜€ Our tour guide managed to get a great shot of one in the grass, bit miffed I missed it…

BTW, these Snuddu-hlaup’s are super tasty, they’re like Haribo soothers without the fizz.

I really like how the roads are laid out in Iceland; its one large road running in a circle around the entire island, and all the roads that come off it lead to one attraction or another.

Back at the hotel. I. AM. KNACKERED. We popped out for Icelandic hotdogs and to wander a little searching out quirky things to photograph (a giant eagle painted on the side of a building, a Chuck Norris bar). Icelandic hotdogs to me are a little like Swedish meatballs: a little bit fake because they are so unlike what I’m used to – tasty, but confusing. Still, the hotdog had bacon and onions and really tasty mayo so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Love the tube station sign!
Love the tube station sign!

Street Art Street ARt Street Art

Classic Chuck Norris jokes written on the outside
Classic Chuck Norris jokes written on the outside

As it turns out, teenagers are teenagers no matter where in the world you are: overdramatic and overly affectionate with each other. It’s nice to know there’s that constant at least.

We’re off whale watching and wandering through volcanic caves and tunnels tomorrow – I am quite excited for both of them! Also, we’re going to get something from the really nice bakery down the street AND get soup IN bread for dinner, woo!!

[NOTE, must make sure to eat a bunch of fruit and veg tomorrow for breakfast, all this bread is making me bloaty… :/

Also, I need to know, why is Appelsin called that if it’s an orange drink? AJ said don’t be an eejit, as other languages are not like English, but I’m choosing to ignore her]Β Appelsin

Slan! πŸ˜€



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