G – Friday 31st July 2015 – “I’m on a Boat!”

Our first morning in Canada has been highly productive: up at 7am, got breakfast in the lounge – lots of fruit! – worked on the blog, went to the gym and then had a swim. There was just enough time for a shower and then it was time for the rehearsal where we met the groomsmen and ushers and ran through the ceremony. At this point it was BOILING outside, but it did mean that the area looked LOVELY – it’s being held outside on the roof garden which is fully of really pretty flowers. The rehearsal ran very smoothly (because we are all pros obviously) and so we celebrated with food by going to Flipburger. I got the Southwest, which had guacamole, bacon and cheese and onions – it was delicious! AJ and I got chatting with Tiff and her husband Jesse; they’re both really nice and fun to talk to!

After food we had time to chill out before the hen, so AJ and I decided we would use it wisely to actually post stuff that we’d typed up on the blog and start sorting it out and whatnot. My tablet refused to play along, leaving me on the verge of tossing it out the window. AJ (thankfully) ignored my hissy fit and dragged us to the computer in the lounge. Strangely enough, once we were on a proper computer we could get everything done fairly easily! It’s a bit roundabout as we have to put it all on dropbox on the tablet and then download it on the computer, but it works! I’ve already decided that for the year-long trip I want one of those notebook/tablet laptops, it should be much better for this sort of thing!

All too soon we needed to get back to the room to get ready for the hen party – getting drunk on a boat!! But first – to Murphy’s!! This is a seafood restaurant where AJ and I got bacon scallops and lobster dip, both of which were SUPER delicious! πŸ™‚ I also discovered the joys of a Bloody Ceaser – it’s like a Bloody Mary but with clamato juice instead of tomato juice. It’s gorgeous; I have definitely found my drink of choice when in Canada!


It was then time to head down to the party boat. We walked down to the docks and saw it right in front of us: covered in fairy lights, with a massive bar in the bottom deck and a retro rainbow sign in the front. It was beautiful…and then we saw the boat we were getting: a whale watching boat half the size.

Party Boat!
Party Boat!
It looks so fun and pretty...
It looks so fun and pretty…
...then we saw this...
…then we saw this…

Never mind, it had alcohol! Plus I discovered bar lime, which makes a FAB drink when mixed with vodka and soda water. The music most of the night was a bit shit for dancing, but there were drinking games and we all got to sit around and chat so it was fun (plus I got to practice my night time photography skills).

Drinking Games Ahoy!
Drinking Games Ahoy!
My first attempt at night time photography
My first attempt at night time photography
Improved after a while
Improved after a while

Hen Party Hen Party

The harbour's so beautiful at night
The harbour’s so beautiful at night

Near the end of the ride the music suddenly picked up – spice girls of all things starting it off! The dancing was brilliant fun, and Cady and F had a hysterically funny dance-off that got a little weird when poles were introduced and these creepy drunk middle aged men got a little too interested…Marjorie dealt with it with a classic elbow dance and Yvette joined in by pushing them away screaming, “safety first! No creeps!”

After the boat things got a little…disorganised. We wanted to go dancing but couldn’t got to the one dancing place nearby, so ended up in an Irish bar, which wasn’t brilliant craic I’ll be honest. I think it was because they had a live acoustic session on – not conducive to dancing. Eventually we ended up getting some tasty snacks and heading for bed around 3am. I’m kind of glad I didn’t end up drunk, have to be up early to get my nails done tomorrow. (EEP!!)

Slan! πŸ˜€



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