G – Saturday 1st August 2015 – “Pedicures are TORTURE!”

So today was the day I had to woman up and face the nail salon. I have never in my life had my nails done and all my toes had ever seen were the nail scissors (as I keep them severely short) and occasionally moisturising cream. I have wicked callouses on my feet which I’m really proud of, but which mean that every now and then, the skin peels like crazy. This happened to be one of those times, which meant my feet (which are INCREDIBLY ticklish) had to be scrubbed extra hard. Honestly, it took all of my will-power not to laugh out loud/kick the pedicurist in the face. Naturally F found all this hilarious and filmed me while my face turned bright red and I was having silent convulsions behind my magazine.

Also, ALSO, he made me BLEED!! He was gouging dead skin out from around my toenails and it really hurt – when I said this to F she scoffed and acted like I was being a wimp – but when I was finished there was dried blood around my nail! :O I was able to wipe it off, but still! The manicure, thankfully, was quite nice and much quicker. F, knowing far more about nails than myself, recommended that I get shellac, which is apparently indestructible (we shall see – I get chips mere hours after applying nail varnish usually, so this is the ultimate test). I chose a nice light grey – and I really like it, the top coat makes it so shiny! I’ll keep track of the nail as the days go on.


As there were 11 of us to get done, it took FOREVER and we didn’t get out until after 2.30pm. Naturally we were a bit peckish, so myself, T, A, their mam and F went to Donkey something – got beer and cheese soup, yum! We made it back to the hotel for ~ 4.10pm, which gave us time to collect ourselves, pack overnight bags and head straight back out for the rehearsal dinner in Boston Pizza. We ended up sitting Aaron and his wife Abi, who are heading on to America after the wedding, mainly Boston and New York, which sounds awesome! I got the beetroot and peach salad and added salmon to it – it was delicious! It was really nice having everyone together and J gave a really nice speech thanking everyone and he and T gave presents to the girls and guys taking part in the ceremony. It was really cute, there was essentially a wedding survival kit for the girls and similar for the guys, as well as maple leaf novelty sunglasses (which were immediately put on). All the guys got cufflinks engraved with their names and the date of the wedding, and the girls got champagne glasses with the same engraving – they’re beautiful!!

After dinner, it was back to the hotel to grab my stuff for that night and the next day, say goodbye to AJ and head off with T, A and F. We first stopped off at T&A’s aunt’s house to see T’s various relatives. Everyone was feeling pretty wrecked at that point so we headed to A’s house where M, R, and T’s sister J were. Immediately there was wine in front of us and killer tunes playing. We also met A&M’s cats Ham and Sandwich, who are super cute! It was really nice chilling out and getting to know A, J, R, and M, they’re all so nice and funny! All too soon though I was knackered, it was late, and the drinking was starting to head in to dangerous “all-nighter” territory (there were whisky cocktails a-plenty!), so I tottered off to bed. F scared the bejesus out of me by leaping out of bed in her sleep at 4am and then just laying back down and attempting to cocoon herself in the duvet (not on my watch!). Luckily I’m able to get back to sleep easily – I need to be well-rested for the wedding tomorrow!!

Slรกn! ๐Ÿ˜€



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