G – Thursday 30th July 2015 – “Oh Canada…”

It’s 9.30pm. And it’s DARK. It shouldn’t be weird that it’s getting dark at 9.30pm, but after 5 days of perpetual daylight it’s strangely disconcerting.

So we’ve made it to Halifax, Canada. But not before we had a pitstop at the Blue Lagoon. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t quite realised that it was literally outside, which just made it all the more awesome! Once again, there was a kerfuffle with the bus – departure was at 9.00am, but pickup was at 8.30am, so we had to get the next bus, which we then nearly missed because it wasn’t announced at the station (what the hell Iceland?!) But, we finally made it! It’s really beautiful there, the building is lovely and the lagoon itself is gorgeous. It was so weird getting into really hot (~38C) water when it’s FREEZING outside, especially when it started raining. I loved it! First order of business was to slather ourselves with the silica mud they have in tubs at the side of the lagoon – it felt like smearing really thick icing all over myself, but oh my God my skin felt so soft after I’d rinsed it off! Second order of business was to get a drink from the lagoon-side bar – ah the joys of getting a pint while in hot water! Third order of business was to lay back and enjoy ourselves while exploring the lagoon. It’s pretty natural, so the ground underneath varies from place to place – sometimes flat with sand, sometimes really deep, others really shallow, and sometimes with sharpish rocks. Naturally that meant I slipped and scraped my knee – not the best to have in the salt water! We also got to enjoy the steam room (which was made from lava rock), the sauna, and the cold spray – so a sort of ‘plunge pool’ experience.

Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon

All too soon our time was up and we had to get ready and head to luggage collection to wait for the bus (but not before a stop off at the gift shop, where AJ got a mud mask and I finally found a lava necklace I liked enough to buy)…which ONCE AGAIN, we nearly missed, this time because it wasn’t a Reykjavik Excursions bus – absolute madness! However, all was well and we made it to the airport with enough time to eat (which was a VERY good thing as we were famished!) and have a wander around duty free [had a bit of a stress out before that when my baggage sticker was printed out at the self check-in and the instructions of how to put it on the bag were very vague…figured it out in the end and received a baggage lady’s seal of approval!], where we procured a bluetooth keyboard which means we can now type up our entries for the blog, woo!

The plane journey was grand, less than five hours, so managed to watch Gravity (fantastic film!) and get some journal entries typed up. We were very lucky when we landed as we managed to catch the airport transfer bus at the LAST minute – would have been over an hour’s wait otherwise! The bus was more like a minibus – apparently public transport here is not the best, but the bus driver was a really lovely old man and the journey wasn’t too long. When checking in we were offered an upgrade to a room with access to “The Crown Lounge” where we’d get free breakfast…we said yes (after haggling the price down), but then it wasn’t available…so he gave us access to the lounge anyway for free – score!! πŸ˜€

By the time we made it up to the room the tiredness had seriously set in so we bunkered down and ordered some snacks through room service…forgetting about the Canadian portion sizes…we managed about half and had to give up [Note to Self: order half of what you think you want!], while watching ‘Date Line – True Mysteries,’ which is basically a real life mystery that’s part crime, part biography of every single person involved in the story. Honestly, the most interesting things were the ads – some of them are hysterical, especially the ‘stick it!’ lady.

After some good food it was definitely time for sleep – the rehearsal’s tomorrow as well as the hen party, so we need to be fully refreshed!

Slan! πŸ˜€



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