G – Sunday 9th August 2015 – “Sittin’ on the Dock…”

Starting Point: Walmart Carpark, Montreal, 5466 Jean-Talon St W, QC, H4P

Finishing Point: North Shore RV Park, Prince Edward County, Ontario

Distance Travelled: 385km

Route from Montreal to North Shore
Route from Montreal to North Shore

On the road again! Last full day before Toronto!! Today started very well – we headed in to Montreal for breakfast in Tutti Fruitti – I had the gourmet breakfast this time – I’m still really REALLY full, but it was totally worth it! We also managed to get our patches! We got a maple leaf for Canada and a Montreal flag one too.

Montreal City Montreal City Montreal City

Christmas Shop window, thought you'd like to see this mam!
Christmas Shop window, thought you’d like to see this mam!

Currently we’re in the campervan; we’ve crossed the border into Ontario and should be in the RV Park in about 2hours and 40minutes. We’ll then spend the majority of our time getting the campervan all cleaned up for tomorrow. The roads in Ontario are pretty much as bad as they are in Quebec, but it’s a blessed relief to see signs in English again. I have a cold cloth wrapped around my foot to try and take the swelling down; it’s kind of freaking me out now…I wish I knew what had bitten me…

Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip

Aw man, my carcolepsy is starting to kick in. To be honest, I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long. I’m downing water, ginger ale, and snacks in the hopes they’ll keep me awake. Maybe reading will help…

Road Trip Snacks Road Trip Snacks Road Trip Snacks

Ugh, I was really getting into the story when the battery died! Thankfully the campsite tonight is fully serviced. We’re in Prince Edward County now, should be there in half an hour. The roads here are super sparkly, like Twilight vampires…Ontario has got it going on with all the different tourist attractions. So far we’ve passed signs for a haunted walk tour, a taste trail tour, an art trail tour, a Tweed heritage (turns out Tweed is actually a place), and an Ivanhoe cheese factory, among other things.

Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip  Road Trip  Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip

We’re at the campsite and we’re cooking cuppa soup and noodles! The campsite is gorgeous – it’s got a small heated pool, a play area, and it’s right by a lake with lots of boats. We’re already in swimsuits and board shorts and have dipped our feel in the lake while sitting on the dock – it’s bliss!

Okay, so all this week we’ve always made sure to have some cash on us, just in case we ended up somewhere they don’t take card. Last night for some reason we used the rest of our cash at the bar and had only ~$5 left in coins. Every single place that we’ve been in so far has taken card so we assumed we’d be fine using our card here. To pay for the campsite itself was fine, but to pay for anything else – nope! They don’t have a card machine so we’d have to pay for everything extra with cash. Luckily we had enough for Wi-Fi for the day, but not enough to rent a paddle boat 😦 We’ll just need to take advantage of the pool.

Just finished our noodles, cuppa soups and crackers – AJ had the ingenious idea of adding bacon bits to the soup, it’s delicious! Now I am going to lie in the sun (slathered in sun cream of course) and read a book.

Just finished dinner: ready-made pasta with sausage and bacon bits, not bad! We’re 90% packed up and have cleaned the inside. The outside needs a serious clean, but there’s nothing we can do until we get to a service station with a jet wash…we are going to have to be up EARLY tomorrow. Time for a shower and a chill out before bed.

Slán! 😀



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