G – Thursday 13th August 2015 – “Time To, Say Goodbye…”

Today dawned a sad one: It was our last day on holiday – we were flying home tonight. Thankfully we still had most of the day in Toronto and we were going to use every second! A quick breakfast in the Sunset Grill and we were off to check out The Distillery area: it had originally been a distillery during prohibition, then was used as a film set (it’s where Chicago was filmed!) and now is a really cool shopping district full of quirky street art and cool buildings.

IMG_2673 IMG_2677 IMG_2681 IMG_2682 IMG_2683 IMG_2684 IMG_2685 IMG_2687 IMG_2691

It was so much fun walking around it and taking pictures of absolutely everything. And then we found something AWESOME: the word LOVE with a heart beside it in metal, covered in locks, leaning against a wall. It’s basically the same as the lock bridge in France, only this shouldn’t be cut down. AJ and I took one look at each other and she simply said, “I have a spare lock in my bag.” We knew our mission then: get our hands on a permanent marker.

IMG_2700 IMG_2702 IMG_2697 IMG_2693 IMG_2704 IMG_2703 IMG_2705 IMG_2715 IMG_2716 IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2723 IMG_2724 IMG_2725 IMG_2726 IMG_2727 IMG_2728

As fate would have it, there was a stationary store right outside the Distillery, so we raced on down and got ourselves a wind/rain/sun resistant sharpie to write on our lock with. Part of me thought I should probably feel silly for doing this, but I honestly just felt excited and happy to add our lock to the collection already there. It’s nice, knowing we’re leaving a little part of ourselves there.

IMG_2748 IMG_2749 IMG_2751 IMG_2752 IMG_2750 IMG_2731 IMG_2730 IMG_2732 IMG_2733 IMG_2735 IMG_2739 IMG_2744 IMG_2745 IMG_2754

We ended our last day relaxing on the man-made beach at the harbour (and of course THIS is the time that I end up getting sunburnt!), and a quick stop at a gift shop proffered some cute Toronto patches, woo!!

IMG_2756 IMG_2755 IMG_2758 IMG_2757 IMG_2762IMG_2764  IMG_2765 IMG_2766

A wall of cards full of wishes and hopes
A wall of cards full of wishes and hopes

IMG_2768 IMG_2771

Found this little guy in the sand.
Found this little guy in the sand.


All too soon, we had to go pick our bags up and get the tube for the airport bus. Naturally I’m the one stopped for the ‘random’ drug search (it’s always me! Why?!) in the security line at the airport, but everything else goes fine…until we went looking for Tim Hortons…

All right, all right, I admit it, I had a massive sulk (kind of like this dog: http://imgur.com/gallery/PjlAS1U ) when I thought I wasn’t going to have one more Tim Horton’s before leaving. You see, while in Canada, I have developed an intense love affair with Tim Hortons, in particular their French Vanilla. I was so sad at the thought that I wouldn’t get to say goodbye before I left. AJ, thankfully, didn’t lose her head over Tim Hortons, and quite easily found one near us. I was so overjoyed I got both a French Vanilla AND a frozen lemonade. It’s a pity I didn’t know I could take my coffee on the plane or I would have gotten a large. Drinks and doughnuts in hand, I happily waited by the gate for the plane, drinking and munching far too much sugar before an overnight flight.

Last Tim Hortons for who knows how long!!
Last Tim Hortons for who knows how long!!

This entire holiday has been an incredible experience that has left me tired, broke, thrilled, excited and with many MANY happy memories. I can’t wait for AJ and I’s next adventure!

Slán! 😀



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