AJ – Sunday 02/08/2015 – The Wedding

Sunday was wedding day and I had a blast! The ceremony wasn’t until 4pm and G was away with the wedding party getting ready so myself and C went out for lunch and bought some awesome card games in the market before heading to the hotel to get ready.

This was genuinely the best wedding I’ve been to! The ceremony was out on the rooftop garden and was really lovely. The priest/vicar/don’t know the proper name was great and made some lovely speeches about the meaning and value of marriage without getting religious or pious about it – the tone really suited J&T as a couple. T and the bridesmaids all looked fabulous and G did a fantastic job of convincing people that she was a sophisticated lady, not falling over or anything! I could tell that she was a little uncomfortable in the shoes but no-one else would have noticed. I was super proud to be there with her.

The reception was super fun! All of the speeches were sweet but also HILARIOUS, the food was excellent and the dancing KICKED OFF!!! I’ve honestly never seen a dancefloor fill up so fast, or seen so many dance-offs! G and I quickly made friends with the barman (tactics) and discovered the locally distilled gin, called 1929, which went down an absolute treat.

Overall it was a great wedding and a fantastic reception. Both sides of the family and friends were lovely and everyone partied on until the small hours of the morning!



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