AJ – The Roadtrip!

The wedding was over, the hangover was, thankfully, minimal and it was time for G and I to pick up the campervan and start the next leg of our holiday – a week long road trip down the East Coast!

Monday afternoon – HOLY F’ING SHIT! How big is this goddamn campervan?! I can’t drive this! MY LICENCE SHOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO DRIVE THIS! This is bigger than some buses back home!

So it’s fair to say that I had a minor breakdown picking up the campervan at Canadream. The drive back to the hotel was literally the most stressed I think I’ve ever been. No-one warns you about the frigging NOISES campervans make! Cars do not make those noises so I freaked out every time something creaked, which was A LOT.

Tuesday – We altered our plans slightly today to reduce the amount of driving time whilst I got used to the van and also so that we could spend some time at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. For the first couple of hours, every part of my body was clenched. I genuinely had cramp in my leg from being CONSTANTLY poised over the brake. G took a photo of me at this point and I apparently look relaxed…HOW?!

Anyway, we made it to Fundy National Park late afternoon and found an excellent spot in the semi-wild Wolf Point campground. The local village of Alma had an amazing lobster shop/restaurant where we got a full lobster dinner. I’d never really had lobster before so being confronted by an enormous whole lobster was slightly daunting but we cracked on and it was delicious!

Wednesday – SO. MUCH. DRIVING.

After a strategy session last night, we made the decision to power through some serious mileage today to get up to Quebec so we could have a decent amount of time in the area. The basic plan was to drive until I was knackered, then roadside it for the night.

Before heading off, we explored some of Fundy Park. It has the lowest/highest tides in the world (apparently) and so we wandered down to the beach whilst the tide was out and we could walk along the sea bed. It was crazy misty! It was early morning (7am) but apparently the mist is fairly constant due to the humid weather and sea levels. G was busting out the ‘vibrant’ camera settings despite the landscape being entirely grey/brown. I went for some more muted, realistic pictures!

We also went to Dickenson Falls, within the park, which was stunning and offered some wonderful views across the park.

After that it was time to head back to the van and get on the road. We stopped for supplies (petrol and snacks) in Alma and then headed back up through the park and onto the highway ready to cover some serious mileage!

9 hours and 600km later……

My back is in pieces! I’m slightly too little for the drivers seat (which can’t be adjusted…wtf Canada?!) so I had to prop myself up with pillows after my back started really hurting about 3 hours into the drive. G is finding this hilarious as I look like a pensioner. Always so supportive! The drive today has been LONG but the scenery has been absolutely stunning. G took a billion photos, mainly of road signs. Canada has not put much thought into naming their towns. Basically the English, Scottish and Irish immigrants have named the vast majority of places!

For the vast majority of the day we were driving through New Brunswick, the roads were lovely, the drivers exceptionally courteous and everything was just…nice, then we crossed the border into Quebec. I HATE QUEBEC! Honestly, just don’t go. They’re all bastards. Now, this might seem like a mass generalisation, something which could not possibly be true of an entire state but IT’S NOT. Apart from Montreal, the entire state are backwards arseholes. We had previously been warned that Quebecers can be a bit twatty about English etc but we brushed it off thinking that they couldn’t be that bad, they are still Canadian after all! We were wrong. Majorly wrong.

The second you cross the border into Quebec, all the road signs change to French only, rather than bilingual. This was unexpected for a BILINGUAL, ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY! However, this didn’t cause any real issue on Wednesday as it was already late at this point so we just had to find a place to stay for the night and didn’t have to interact with any actual people. After a bit of faffing around we finally found a Walmart carpark and parked up for the night along with a couple of other RVs. (NOTE: Walmart have publically stated that they are happy for RVs etc to park overnight in any of their carparks which is exceptionally useful!)

Poor G has got a couple of beasting insect bites on her foot which has, worryingly, swelled up to about twice its normal size! I already bought her some itch cream but we need to get her some proper antihistamines as, although I reminded her before we left, she forgot to pack it! Job 1 for tomorrow sorted!

The plan for tomorrow is sorted…a quick hours drive up to Jacques-Cartier National park to spend the day hiking and hopefully camp there for the night. Can’t wait!

To be continued…


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